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The Line

Our unique hardwood molding designs are available in a range of hand finishes, including gilded, painted, and stained. We also offer a selection of standard contemporary moldings in a variety of finishes.

Contemporary Frame Design

Thoughtfully considered proportion is what drives great contemporary design, and framing is no exception. Our signature offering is a graduated series of curvilinear ogee and double ogee profiles, which allows each frame to be scaled proportionally to the artwork. Although the custom of presenting art within a frame has been around for centuries, contemporary framing also includes environmental considerations unknown to our ancestors. At FryeWorks, we believe that frame design must consider not only the appearance of the frame in relation to the artwork but also the materials that come into direct or indirect contact with the work. Our aim is to combine aesthetic enhancement with informed conservation.

Conservation Practices

We are experienced art handlers committed to exercising the greatest care with every work of art. All of the materials used in our framing services are of archival quality, and all of our hinging and mounting techniques are safely reversible. We also offer a range of glazing options, which include UV-shielding, anti-reflection, and anti-static features to suit the unique requirements of the artwork.

Conservation Referral

We can refer our clients to our network of leading New York City-area art conservators should their artwork require the services of a conservator before being framed.

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